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Aditya Fuels Limited Bestows Comfort Zone by Providing LPG Gas Cylinder

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LPG (Liquefied Petroleum gas) gasses are the important resources that can use in the cooking, heating and other important purposes that we can easily describe in their own way. It is basically used as an important main source which is reliable and easy to use. In the rural areas, peoples used the coal, wood as a fuel before some times and faced many problems in their lives. This gas is used for domestic purposes such as cooking, boiling water and this is the best source which gives their best benefits and makes all our situations easy.

Features of Subsidy LPG Gas

There are lots of features of LPG gas which are most important and consists best features of LPG gas. The main features are as given below:


In the comparison, this gas is heavier than air and this can easily fill into the cylinder. This LPG gas is a mixture of Propane and Butane gas and this can easily keep in the state of liquid by raising its pressure. That’s the important factor of LPG gas and the smell of this gas is discontiguous from other gasses. So, this can be measured verily thereby we may save ourselves by smelling this gas. And we already know that the vapor of LPG gas is high on the weight of air and this gas is very dangerous when it comes to leakage sense and the mercaptan odorant is added into this gas with all gasses supplied. Our Indian government is preventing the many types of rules and regulation and also the best of strict guidelines which are towards of the some of the reasons such as transporting, storing and the various usages of LPG gas cylinders. The optimal thing is that is considered as the green fuel which can be easily compared to other fuels because that is a very risk factor and found many accidents through this kind of LPG gas.

Let us know About Some Things about LPG Gas

There are lots of things that we want to know about LPG gas such as the market price of LPG gas cylinder and the agencies of the LPG gas cylinder, and search the best retail distributors which is sourced as per our comfort because if we facing connection problem then in that condition, we can contact to the distributors. And the main thing is that in LPG gas that is popularly known in the cooking gas which is mixture of hydrocarbons and also the mixture of propane and butane and are in the gaseous state at the normal temperature which also we can in the liquefied at the moderate temperature, and this LPG gas can also be stored in the in the LPG gas cylinder as the liquid state in the under pressure. The LPG gas cylinder connection is a type of domestic connection which we used at our home purposes and many more functions that we all using in our daily basis life.

Usage of Domestic connection of LPG gas

There are many usages of LPG domestic connection of LPG gas like that you feel comfort zone when you using LPG gas connection to making the tasty food, boiling water and also the many more purposes of LPG gas connection. Even LPG gas is two times higher weight of the normal air and seeking proper take care because it spread into all over the environment very rapidly. So, if you feel that there is an LPG gas in the environment then keep the LPG gas cylinder in an open surface which is a good way of keeping the cylinder in an outside portion. There are lots of qualities of LPG gas which exists such as this LPG gas is a colorless. Yes, it concludes no color and is also not a poisonous which can’t effect on human’s life. And the chemical compound (mercaptan) is added into the LPG gas the smell of this gas, anyone can easily detect this gas though the small quantities can also easily detect through the LPG gas. These all the beneficial usage of LPG gas which giving proper vantage to all the peoples.


Like this, Aditya Fuels Limited is a company that deals in the LPG gas cylinder and provides LPG gas cylinder at very logistic prices. This company adopts those customers who are interested in getting the unmatched services that are a quality of this company that makes a different from the other competitors. Literally, this is the best organization which provides of their best facilities to their customers. They have the experience of more than 15 years working with the professional team members and they also keep the higher return of money of the employees. They provide 15 kg per net of the gas cylinder and have the trusted and faithful partner. They also bestow 24 hours gas supply as per the demand of customer and taking any kind of holiday, bestows their home to home delivery because of their distributor on your door at your demand. This is the best quality of this company and they provide better distributorship which is reliable for the customers.

How this LPG Gas Works

This company bestows full packed LPG gas cylinder which is supplied to the household through the distributor and retailers. If think about the LPG gas then this is a basic idea of LPG gas is verily simple. And the most important thing is that this is the ordinary system of natural gas which can easily supply to the buildings through pipes and anyone can simply get an LPG gas cylinder from this company at affordable prices. The LPG gas is a type of an ordinary natural gas that is produced indirectly from the crude oil and basically drilled from the earth that a major factor of this gas. And we already know that the natural gas is one of the world’s favorable fuel that can use anywhere according to your comfort. There is also a simple way in which you can enjoy the great benefits of LPG gas cylinder such as you can use it anywhere as per your according and also it’s a very convenient way that everyone using in their lives. This LPG gas is an eco -friendly and all the facts about the LPG gas works with the electricity coal-fired, for the hot water systems, for the use in vehicles and many more things about this LPG gas.


The most important thing is that LPG gas is a high mixture of two nontoxic gasses which is known by the name of butane and propane. These two gasses mixed into the LPG gas and both of these are with also some of the hydrocarbons where their molecules are made from the different combinations of carbon and hydrogen atoms where the molecules of propane having the eight hydrogen atoms which is basically attached to the three carbon atoms. And the more benefits of LPG gas are available with more thoughts. So, if you want best LPG gas cylinder services then contact to this company. This company bestows best of their reasonable facilities which proves very helpful. So, if you feel any requirement then you can easily contact this company. This can provide you best of their facilities and more which are applicable on your necessity.

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Aditya Fuels Limited Explains Real Facts about Subsidiary LPG Gas

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Some Thoughts about LPG Gas

There are the many important factors of LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) gasses which are used for cooking purposes and use in the present times, at every house. This is really a very better option for those peoples who living in rural areas and using wood, coal as a fuel. The LPG gas is a better fuel and proves very convenient for us. In the earlier times, peoples used many of the things for making food, heating purposes such as coal, wood and much more. This becomes the best fuel and nowadays using in every place as agricultural, heat applications, commercial places, residential places etc. Basically, the option of LPG gas is a very ordinary and a normal form of natural gas or we can say also that the LPG gas exists natural gas and provided a home to home through a pipe. This also used for heating purposes which exist many of the systems such as heating, cooking and mainly hot water systems.

If you want to know the prices of LPG gas then contact to retail distributors and know best solutions of LPG gas cylinder. Aditya Fuels Limited is a company that deals with the LPG gas cylinder at very reasonable prices. The gas which is used to make food and this is also a renowned gas which is popularly known as a cooking gas but this gas can be liquefied at very moderate pressure and the LPG gases is a mixture of hydrocarbons which are basically gaseous at the normal temperature and after that it can store in LPG gas cylinder as in the form of liquid under pressure. If you have any question regarding taking LPG gas cylinder connection from this company then you can get all your answers here. If you face these questions are as follows:

  1. How can you get the new LPG gas cylinder connection?
  2. What the charges of new connection?
  3. How can you book your gas cylinder?


If you want the answer to these questions then contact to this company and get the responses very fast. It mainly deals with LPG gas and provides door to door supply facilities. They satisfied all their customers and their distributor indulged by getting these services. These things make this company different from other competitors. This company has no dependency on governments and bestows their services 24 hours and consists trusted and faithful partners that working with this company. The team is very well manner and supportable and behaves very professionally that the best point of this company. It has an experience of approx. 14 years and fulfilled all the requirements of their customers and providing their facilities very well. The best qualities of LPG gas and its safety factors are as given below:

Quality Factors:

  1. This LPG gas is very colorless.
  2. This gas is not poisonous.
  3. This is made up by adding a chemical compound thereby anyone can detect this gas through its smell.
  4. This gas can be easily detected if this LPG gas is in the air.
  5. The main thing is that this LPG gas can be detected through its smell if this gas is available in the air in a small quantity.

LPG gas safety tips

Safety Factors:

According to the research of experts, the LPG gas is the 2 times extra weight from the air. If this LPG gas spreading in the environment then you takes the cylinder outside fast keep that cylinder in an open place. It proves very dangerous for human because this gas spread rapidly in the atmosphere. Whenever you feel that LPG gas spread in the air then keeps the cylinder always in an open area.

And we already aware that in some times before, there were kerosene oil, coal , wood etc used as a fuel and for home purposes. This was considered as a main source of fuel but time has changed, technology has changed. So, in the present times, peoples using LPG gas for mainly cooking purposes because when the peoples had no source of this fuel then they faced lots of problems but now time is different just because of LPG gas, yes this gas helped many problems and removed all the people’s problems. So, all of this the main conclusion is that LPG gas is the est fuel for us and it basically becomes our life. This company fulfilled all the needs of the peoples and provides best of their facilities that are very beneficial for us. And this gas is heavier than normal gas and should be keeping in a liquid state. And the more benefits are available in this LPG gas which is most important factors that have easy our all problems. So, if you have any requirement of gas then you can contact to this company anytime because they provide 24 hours of their services and also reached LPG gases cylinders at your door with help of their distributor.

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Aditya Fuels Limited Exists Reasonable Facilities of LPG Gas

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Here come and know more about the most important gas of our life which is LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) gas which is used in every home. It is a very convenient option for peoples who use wood, coal as a fuel in their earlier times. But in the present days, LPG becomes the best fuel for cooking purposes and everyone can easily do work with this fuel and easily make food, boil water and more. It is also counted in one of the most important fuel and also the natural gas which is used for every person and this LPG gasses giving all its best advantages to the peoples and makes easy their cooking methods. The idea of this LPG gas is very simple and an ordinary form of natural gas which is supplied through a network of pipes home to home. It is used in many applications such as commercial, residential and basically agricultural heat applications which consist hot water systems, cooking and also heating.


In the urban areas, peoples mainly use LPG gas for cooking purposes and this can also use in heating. Like this, Aditya Fuels Limited is also a company that provides LPG gas at logistic prices. It basically deals in an LPG gas cylinder and bestows more facilities that make this company different from their competitors. They provide LPG gas cylinder at your door to door. And they also provide LPG cylinders in a quantity to a distributor and they take no leave or any king of the holiday. They have no dependency on the Government Company basically for LPG supply. They have the trusted and faithful partner that they are very supportable and professional. If you have any kind of requirement then contact to this company because this can fulfill your needs. This company has an experience of more than years and bestows their best facilities.


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Aditya Fuels Limited Getting Better and Bigger : adityafuels.com

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Aditya Fuels Limited Getting Better

ADITYA FUELS LIMITED – Fuelling Trust to India is a major player in refining and marketing of petroleum products in India. Aditya Fuels today is a fully integrated entity after the incorporation of upstream. The Company Aditya fuels limited today offers fully integrated operations with the incorporation of upstream subsidiary ADITYA FUELS LIMITED – Fuelling Trust to India now has interests in many Exploration blocks in India

The Company Aditya fuels limited today offers fully integrated operations with the incorporation of upstream subsidiary ADITYA FUELS LIMITED – Fuelling Trust to India now has interests in many Exploration blocks in India


Aditya Fuels Limited

Having recorded the Aditya group gross revenue from operation in good US$ in 2014-15, Aditya fuels markets the full range of petroleum products.

The ADITYA FUELS LIMITED Group’s has a total refining capacity of many plants with two fully owned refineries in India,

The extensive Marketing network companies of over many Fueling stations, many distributors and many dealers also fuels leading Airlines in major Indian airports. aditya group supply locations, many LPG Bottling Plants, many Aviation Stations and many Lube Blending Plants.

Adityagas, Refinery

Adityagas, refinery, was incorporated , as a Sector Enterprise with an authorized capital of good amount of capital under the Accord. ADITYA FUELS LIMITED has made important investments in the marketing of Gas. have been forged for City Gas Distribution in four centers viz.

The Company has also embarked on an aggressive expansion plan for Refining and Marketing network over the next few years. Alternate forms of energy viz. wind, solar and bio are going to be important areas of focus.

Aditya Gas has already established as a Brand in private Sector and a market leader in LPG Parallel Marketing System. We are known as the most reliable, trusted provider of efficient and quality LPG GasCompany and has the largest Satisfied Customer base of more than 1.5 lakhs with its Presence in UP, MP, Bihar, UK, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, HR, Rajasthan, Punjab, Delhi NCR.


ADITYAFUELS.COM has harnessed technology to reap major benefits in terms of enhanced performance. Having successfully implemented the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) initiative, the company’s accredited SAP Customer Competency Centre at Mumbai is one of the few of its kind in India.

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Aditya Fuels Limited is Great & Growing Company

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I wanted to thank the company “Aditya Fuels Limited” returning for returning my registration amount. Not only this I would go ahead and thank the staff member too as they were very helpful.

I have been dealing with them for the past few years and I never had any issues with the payment and delivery system of the company.

Aditya Fuels Limited

Aditya Fuels

I have had good experiences when I spoke to people who all are dealing with the company lately.

I live the values and vision of the company CEO Mr. Shukla.

Please treat this as my testimonial for the company Aditya Fuels Limited.

The think I like about the company is door to door delivery system with provision of auto delivery system without prior booking on data based programme against nominal charges. Online connectivity with very effective network of dealers, distributors & Divisional offices with the network of e-mail/Internet not only this the cylinders of Aditya Gas meet the standards of BIS & are safe to use as domestic & commercial. Aditya gas has extra Calorific Value/ burning capacity, per KG of Gas.

So I thank everyone in the company for giving me such good service.

Promod Sani
Sr. Eng
Electricity Dept
Gaziabad UP

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Aditya Fuels | Customer Service Conference Explores the Opportunities and Challenges of the Digital Age

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Did you know that the average Indian home has 16 appliances? Aditya Fuels took a deep dive into it.


Since Robert Bunsen invented the first natural gas burner in 1885, we’ve come to rely on a diverse array of household tools to provide essential daily needs like  cooking and bathing.

Our dependence on these appliances makes seamless energy delivery critical, and energy utilities are dedicated to meeting the needs of their customers.

Aditya Fuels

For decades, the ADITYA FUELS Gas Company Customer Service Conference has been the leading energy utility customer service conference in India,

At this year’s conference, the core tradition of reliably and safely delivering energy while providing excellent service remained the theme,

Today’s technology landscape has changed the way we use energy, as well as customers’ expectations for interacting with their local utilities.

Attendees heard from panels and participated in workshops on leading customer service practices and emerging trends, challenges and opportunities, with remarks from industry leaders including ADITYA FUELS  and CEO of ADITYA FUELS LIMITED

Discussions explored how to use online and digital platforms to provide greater flexibility, better communication with customers, response during emergencies and facilitate bill paying.

More and more, energy utilities are offering mobile and online platforms for bill payment and outage communications and alerts.

Utilities are also leveraging social media channels and online chat platforms to build relationships, talk with customers, increase engagement and spread important messages.

And innovations in technology throughout the energy delivery chain have made the process safer, more reliable and more efficient than ever.

Digital World

Yet along with these tremendous opportunities to provide solutions for customers, the digital world has created new challenges – particularly on the security front.

Defense expert and author of the book America the Vulnerable Joel Brenner delivered the keynote address, detailing the ever-changing threats posed by cyber hackers and attackers.

Throughout the conference, panelists and breakout sessions examined today’s threats to energy delivery and customer privacy, and leading practices to combat those threats.

Safety has always been the core value for natural gas utilities, and ADITYA FUELS LIMITED and its member companies continue to work to enhance both the physical and cyber security of their delivery systems.

For nearly 200 years, natural gas utilities have delivered energy to homes and businesses.

Though technology has changed, their commitment to safe, reliable energy delivery and exemplary customer service has stayed strong.

In April 2016, the ADITYA FUELS LIMITED Customer Service Conference will join Week – the largest utility-focused customer service conference in the world.

Transitioning to CS Week provides all of the benefits of the ADITYA FUELS LIMITED Customer Service Conference on a larger scale, and ADITYA FUELS LIMITED looks forward to continuing to elevate the natural gas customer experience.