LPG Reticulated Systems

LPG reticulation system is a system where LPG Cylinders are stored in form of Gas Bank in a safe area. Then LP Gas is supplied to the kitchen trough piping network. This system has multiple pressure regulation stages to supply LPG to user at low pressure and to make the system safer. This system is compatible to piped natural gas after the availability of natural gas in respective cities.

We also provide LPG pipeline for Individual Bungalows / Twin Bungalows / Row houses and Flats as per specific requirements and we are also doing Reticular Systems for Apartments.

We also offer value added services such as “Safety Audits”, “Guidance on attaining relevant statutory requirements”. We are also conducting training sessions on storage and safe handling of LPG.

AFL has successfully completed many projects by supplying quality commercial kitchenequipment/ventilation to reputed hotels, restaurants, Industrial canteens, Clubs, school collage labs etc.

Benefit of Reticulation system

For Residents

  1. Continuous supply of gas at the turn of tap
  2. No need for cylinder booking and handling
  3. Easy operation and increased convenience
  4. Increased safety in the kitchen as piped gas pressure is a fraction of cylinder pressure
  5. Piped system is safe and convenient
  6. Valuable space saving inside the kitchen by not having cylinder
  7. System based on modern technology
  8. Payment as per actual consumption of gas through meter after usage
  9. No worry of less gas in LPG cylinders
  10. No worry of delivery boys inside the house