Happy Birthdays @ AFL


Happy Birthday Short Story

Aditya Fuels Limited РSharing with you a short story in which you will experience that how does it feel when you get surprised from your near and dear ones  Which you best of luck and ENJOY!!

It was my birthday yesterday and no one remembered, I was so cranky that no one remembered my birthday even my family forgot my birthday.

I went to school and all my friends forgot my birthday to it was so sad that everyone forgot, well I forget their birthdays but there’s no excuse for forgetting my birthday my birthdays more important.

All through the day, I was thinking why everyone forgot. so I got on the bus to go home (I only catch the bus in the afternoon) and I started to cry (that’s right cry).

When I got home I dragged al my stuff up to my room and took my lunch box downstairs to the kitchen, mom took one look at me and walked away and not even a hello.

I hated my friends and family that day and to make it worse mom started to yell at me for no reason at all she said “get to your room get dressed into something nice and come down here at six thirty”

I did. when I came back downstairs al my friends and family said ” surprise ” after that I had fun with my friends and family. I loved my friends and family that day it turned good to bad in about twenty minutes. it was the best day ever.