Ans. Please fill up the enquiry form for Distributorship/ Dealership in our website www.adityafuels.com or call our customer care number + 91- 011 -22528451, 22528719

Ans. Yes. Company Aditya Fuels Limited has the right to appoint any number of Distributors.

Ans. There is a territory ear-marked for each Distributor which is described in the letter of Appointment/Agreement. The Distributor, to whom a territory is allotted, is the exclusive supplier of domestic LPG in the said territory. No other Distributor of Aditya Fuels can supply domestic LPG in that territory. However, there is no such limitation of territory for commercial/industrial LPG and any distributor of Aditya Fuels can supply commercial/industrial LPG anywhere in the town/city. This provision is to take care of the interests of the company as well as dealer/distributor with regards to supply of commercial/industrial LPG, where there is server competition from other private marketers and Government Oil Companies. Thus, the financial viability is taken care of.

Ans. While appointment can be made, it is necessary to construct a go down before seeking supplies. No LPG supplies can be affected to any individual/Firm/Entity until they are in possession of a licensed go down.

Ans. Yes, Obtain consent letters from both the transferor and the beneficiary so that there is no problem in refunding the deposit when the beneficiary surrenders the connection at a later date.

Ans. Yes. As stated earlier, the areas of distributor are alienated for domestic connections. So, if an existing customer is shifting to area of another Distributor necessary documentation has to be done for transfer of domestic connection to the other distributor’s area.

Ans. No. If you have identified an unrepresented area, you can suggest appointment of dealers to the company. If you have an enterprising/capable person to operate as a distributor for the identified area, you can recommend his candidature to the company for the appointment. Final decision will be taken by the company in this regards.

Ans. No, being a private oil company we do not get any subsidy from the government, hence their is no subsidy on our product.

Ans. LPG pricing for Aditya fuels is based on the cost of LPG import price plus operating cost and nominal margins.

Ans. The following capacity of cylinder are presently marketed by us under the brand name of ADITYA FUELS LIMITED 15 Kg Capacity Domestic Cylinder 15 Kg Capacity Commercial Cylinder 33 Kg Capacity Commercial Cylinder

Ans. Yes, the MRP of Cylinder is fixed for each District, The same is available at our website- www.adityafuels.com .

Ans. The following reason is there for higher pricing Certain good leves like excise duty and CST is applicable on our LPG domestic which results in higher pricing.We are maintaining a better quality of LPG by having more propane in the LPG,This also raise our price.

Ans. (I) Rs.45 Commission on 15 Kg per Cylinder (Domestic). (II)Rs.50 Commission on 15 Kg per Cylinder (Commercial). (III) Rs.100 Commission on 33 Kg per Cylinder.