EHSQ Policy

Environment Health Safety and Quality (EHSQ) Policy:-

Aditya Fuel Limited (AFL) is involved in LP Gas supply and infrastructure related activities mainly serving individual customers in residential, commercial and Industrial purposes, both in the local and regional markets. The company delivers a wide range of services including Bottling & supply of LP Gas in 15 kgs and 33 kgs Cylinders, Bulk LP Gas supply in Tankers and Trailers, AMC for LP Gas systems, under/above ground pipelines, LP Gas distribution infrastructure, etc.

We, the Aditya Fuel Management are of firm belief that creation of safe and healthy working conditions in our workplaces is as important as production, quality, costs and other aspects of industrial and related activities. Our products, assets and services shall be safe and comply with all applicable laws, regulations and other requirements that we subscribe to. EHSQ compliance is an inherent part of our business planning, strategic and operational objective.

Consistent with the above, we shall strive to:

  • Protect the safety and occupational health of our employees, dependent, contractors and customers by providing a safe environment for all employees and visitors to the facility
  • Comply with all the applicable local and federal laws and regulations.
  • Use cost-effective methodologies for the efficient use of materials, energy, water and other resources.
  • Prevent pollution, preserve biological diversity and safeguard the environment for sustainable development. Minimising the environmental impact of our operations through pollution prevention activities
  • Develop and maintain an Environment Health & Safety (EHS) program to address known hazards in our workplaces, conforming to corporate EHSQ guidelines and the best management practices.
  • Design, construct and operate our facilities in a manner that protects human health, safety of the occupants and minimizes the impact of its operations on people, assets and the surrounding community.
  • Set and review realistic EHSQ objectives and targets to enable continual improvement in our EHSQ performance.
  • Fulfill our responsibility to ourselves and the organisation for our own safety. Line supervisors are accountable for the actions of their subordinates and shall always enforce safe work practices.
  • Report financial and non-financial ‘Critical Success Factors’ as KPIs to reflect our own and more importantly our stakeholders’ perception of our EHSQ performance.
  • Have transparent, well documented, easily understood and accessible processes and systems.
  • Train and motivate all employees to understand and implement this policy, and to make it available to all stakeholders to encourage dialogue.
  • Review the suitability of this policy at least once every three years to maintain its relevance and to identify areas for improvement.
  • Audit and review our performance, practices against this policy and continuous improvement in all aspects of operations.

The management shall provide all necessary resources to enable the implementation of EHSQ management systems, and promote this culture across the organisation.