Aditya Fuels & Environment

Aditya Fuels Limited will be soon the CSR Company of the Year in the country.

Corporate Social Responsibility is not a new thing in India.

It has been prevalent for least a few decades.

Through Corporate Social responsibility, also known as CSR, companies aim to give back to society in the form of assistance or monetary support.

Many PSU’s as well private sector companies are big in this domain. The great thing about India’s Industrial landscape is that the big companies are active participants in CSR.

With regards to privately owned companies in India, they come no bigger than Aditya Fuels.

The company along with owned entities has been promoting education. The Aditya Fuels Limited Scheme continues to support poor meritorious students. Recipient students of Aditya Fuels Limited Scheme got admissions in junior colleges of their choice. With this, it should no surprise when Aditya Fuels Limited for its work in the CSR domain.

Aditya Fuels Limited will soon be adjudged the Corporate Social Responsibility Company of the Year ceremony for demonstrating commitment to the communities in which it operates, as well as excellence in all ethical and environmental aspects of its business operations.