LPG Packed(Cyl)


Date:28 Nov, 2016

LPG Packed(Cyl)

Domestic Cylinders:

The Most popular marketing segment found across the global LPG industry is the supply of Domestic cylinder to household through a distributor and retail network. We at Aditya Gas serve our domestic customer by 15 Kg net LPG packed in Cylinder.

Commercial Cylinders:

Aditya Gas offers commercial LPG Cylinders in 15 Kg and 33 Kg net capacity sizes. Aditya Gas supplies LPG for various industries such as metal, textile, food processing and automobile etc in addition to commercial outlets such as hotels and restaurants etc.Superior & consistent quality with superior service levels of Aditya Gas,had ensured that the impressive list of clientele keeps expanding by leaps &bounds. We Aditya Gas provide LPG Solutions to domestic, industries and commercial customers rather than just sell LPG. Most of the illustrious industries and commercial outlets experience the first class services of Aditya Gas and we will be delighted to put the same at use for you as well.